Innate Basic Goodness…

The concept of innate basic goodness is the one of the cornerstones of the Vidyadhara’s Buddhist world view.  It basically says that we all , each and every human born into this life, have within us a basic goodness that never alters, never goes away. It is what we are at the core of our being.

I believe this.


How many times though – when we are faced with doubt, or fear, or any of the 64,000  negative emotions – do we turn against our own innate basic goodness and warp our self perceptions in such a way that we end up believing that we are the opposite?

That we are flawed, failed, or false?

It happens over and over.  It is one of the reasons addiction can eat at our soul. The disease alters our view, turning inward – into the darkness of self hatred.

What is forgotten at these times is that our innate basic goodness comes from something. Some people would call it God; some the Holy Spirit; some Buddha nature.

There are a million names for “it.”

It doesn’t really matter what we call it – what matters is that we touch it – daily – over and over to remind ourselves that in the present moment we are perfect, whole and complete.

The spiritual path is the only way the disease of addiction will remit. It is the only way that we can engage in “recovery” – the return to our original self.  That original self is innate basic goodness.

Touch it – and you are healed.

Döné SangwaKünsang


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