The Importance of Breath.


The Importance of Breath.

How many times a day have you stopped to breathe? Consciously breathe? How many times have you caught yourself engaging in such shallow breathing that you are barely bringing any air into your lungs?

Breathing is essential to life – but in our harried days we literally forget to inhale properly.

Begin the day with an Ocean Breath:

Stand with feet 3 to 4 feet apart, knees slightly bent.
Place your palms together in a prayer position.
Inhale through your nose and open your arms to the side, while straightening your knees.
Exhale loudly through your mouth and bring your hands back to the prayer position, and bending the knees.
Do this exercise for several rounds and begin to feel the breath flushing out stale air, and bringing in fresh air; releasing fatigue, and bringing in refreshed energy.

End the day with Calming or Slow Breath:

Use a timer on your phone or clock and set it for 3 minutes.
Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor as you desire.
Keeping the spine erect without strain, begin your breathing sequence by inhaling slowly to the count of 4.
Feel the air coming in through your nose, filling your lungs slowly.
Exhaling to the count of 4, feel the air escaping your lungs slowly.
Don’t stop the breath – just be aware of slowing it down for the 3 minutes.
(This is a great preparation for a good night’s sleep.)

Or you can listen to the link for Yoga Zen before bedtime.

Whenever you are caught in traffic, take the time to focus on your breath. Be aware of breathing in, and being in the present moment.

Whether you are in the gym, walking to and from appointments, or simply sitting quietly reading a book, check in with your breath.

It’s your life force. Use it!

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